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    Here is the agenda for the SASS TG Summit in December. Please feel free to post your comments for Two Dot or contact him directly at [email protected] or 623-931-4889.

    SASS 2015 TG Summit Agenda


    1) Shall we consider a change to the maximum number of “P”s per stage to two…or one per gun/type of firearm. Also, should we reclassify “P”s for “stage/target engagement” issues vs “out of category” progressive penalties.

    Discussion points: This might alleviate the problem of some shooters committing multiple “P” violations, knowing they can only receive one. Many times this would be an SOG situation, but proving intent can be problematic; besides the reluctance on the part of most T/Os in assessing the additional 30-second penalty.

    2) NON-SASS matches sometimes allow NON-SASS legal firearms. Clubs advertising as “SASS-affiliated” need to follow SASS rules.

    Discussion points: Example would be a club that allows “new shooters” to compete in monthly match settings with DA revolvers, hammer-less pump shotguns (e.g. 870) and other “illegal” equipment. Those wishing to “try out” the stages with other types of firearms should do so outside of the actual match environment.

    3) The wearing of “logo’d” outerwear during inclement weather (up to, but not ON the stage), particularly during cold/wet seasons.

    4) Suggestion from some TGs regarding attendance at the TG Summit. Should a TG be “present to vote”?

    Discussion points: Territorial Governors carrying proxy votes should either ask the clubs they’re representing if and under what circumstances (e.g. specific amendments) they may change the club vote. TGs should also be given that same leeway by the clubs they represent directly if they can be convinced through additional information that an agenda item would be for the betterment of the sport.

    5) Should the RO1 Course materials be amended to disallow CRO/TOs running the timer for family members?
    Considerations: Some family members, especially Buckaroo/ettes benefit from having a family member running the timer. Better able to coach through any problems due to familiarity with equipment. Same applies to spouses and offspring. Just as much, if not more, “buddy posse” cheating than among family members. Positives outweigh the negatives of having family members run the timer.
    Issues: “fortuitous interference” and “re-shoots” should be “peer pressure” regulating. Some smaller clubs have a limited number of qualified T/Os.

    6) Should the “B” Western rules be amended to allow “any SASS-legal rifle”?
    We need to hear from the BW shooters. ROC recommendation to “leave BW rules alone”.

    7) Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl: rifle (all firearms) cutoff change to 1880.

    Discussion points: This would allow the TTN 1878 Colt SxS hammer gun but NOT the 1887
    Winchester lever action shotgun in the category. Would also disallow the Remington 1890
    revolver, and other models of a later date. We need to hear from Classics on these issues?

    Cool Should chaps and spurs be MANDATORY in the “Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl” category?
    Considerations: heat issues in some parts of the country. Also how do we apply this to Classic Cowgirls?

    9) Should Territorial Governors (TGs) be required to take a Mandatory RO I and/or RO II refresher at least every two (2) years?

    TGs are charged with providing up-to-date info on rule/policy changes & clarifications to their respective club members, as per the Description of Duties listed on the SASS website. As such, they should be knowledgeable in regard to all SASS rules and clarifications.

    VOTING ITEMS: (Note: Some of the above Discussion Items may become voting items)

    1) Should the rules be changed to allow the inclusion of “sub-gauge” shotguns such as 28
    and 32 gauge for Buckaroos/Buckarettes?

    The ROC recommends a “YES” vote.

    2) Should the MSV for retrieval of dropped/ejected ammo be deleted?

    Discussion points: Under the current rules, a shooter may stage ammo (including ON THE GROUND) for later retrieval during the stage. There is NO DIFFERENCE between reaching for rounds that have been staged purposely and rounds that land on a table after having been dropped or ejected? One still has to maintain muzzle control while reaching for the rounds in either case.

    As a side note, WBAS rules have allowed retrieval of dropped ammo/magazines for the past 6+ years with NO SAFETY violations for muzzle break or dropped firearms while doing so.

    The ROC believes that retrieval of dropped ejected rounds can be done safely, and if the muzzle breaks the 170 degree, we already have rules in place to assess a penalty.

    The ROC recommends a “yes” vote. A “yes” vote would remove ALL REFERENCES to “dropped/ejected ammo” from the rulebooks and associated clarifications (also the Lazarus Rule).

    3) Should the equipment regulations for GUNFIGHTER-style shooters be changed to allow the “butt forward” carry/Cavalry “twist” draw?

    The butt forward drawing/holstering method is currently allowed for all other shooting styles in SASS. The primary objection has been that the T/O cannot see both revolvers at the same time. This is true whether carrying/drawing butt-forward or from “two standard holsters” (current rule). Spotters are assigned to watch for any safety issues that the T/O might not be in position to observe. If a shooter is unable to SAFELY use this method, they WILL BE penalized by the safety rules currently in place.

    Moreover, canted holsters do NOT create an issue with this rule change, as the same restrictions against breaking the 180º apply to ALL HOLSTERS and METHODS of DRAW/RE-HOLSTER.

    We should reiterate that the “straight hang” allowance applies to ALL types/styles of holsters, from canted double strong side to X-draw, to shoulder/Huckleberry rigs. As long as the muzzle of a revolver goes from the straight down 180º as it clears leather; then immediately into the DOWNRANGE 170º (and vice versa on the return) the shooter is OK.

    There are videos available showing other SAFE methods.

    The ROC recommends a “YES” vote.

    4) Should the penalty for not holstering revolvers at the end of the revolver shooting string be changed from a MSV to a Procedural penalty?

    Discussion points: Currently the SASS Stage Convention is: Revolvers must be holstered at the end of the shooting string unless otherwise stated in the stage description. The ROC believes that failure to re-holster at the end of the revolver strong is NOT SAFETY issue. Changing the penalty from a MSV to a “Procedural” penalty is far more appropriate and more in keeping with the “type” of penalty.
    There are some “unintended consequences” which need to be considered: A shooter could already have one “P” on the stage for some other reason, and then NOT re-holster to save time, knowing that only one “P” may be assessed.

    If it can be determined that the shooter did so on purpose for a competitive advantage (e.g. to make up some of the time penalty for the initial “P”), then a “Spirit of the Game” penalty could be assessed. This is a situation that is correctable on the clock before the next gun is fired.

    The ROC recommends a “YES” vote.

    5) Should the penalty regarding a shooter NOT complying with the CRO/TO commands of “cease fire” or “stop” while on the firing line be changed from a Match DQ to a Stage DQ?

    Discussion points: Currently the rule for a shooter not complying with the commands of the CRO/TO is a MDQ. There is a perception that this rule is rather harsh for the first offense, and that a SDQ is more appropriate.

    The ROC recommends a “YES” vote.

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