Club Information & Rules

 Monthly Matches

Cowboy Match days are the 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday of each month. Wild Bunch Matches are the 4th Sunday of each month. Spectators are welcome during a match. Eye and ear protection required.

May thru September Hours

Match registration is at 7 AM   ~   Competition begins at  8AM

October thru April Hours

Match registration is at 8 AM   ~   Competition begins at  9AM

  • Registration starts at 8:00 AM (Summer registration begins at 7:00 AM)
  • Match starts at 9:00 AM (Summer matches begin at 8:00 AM)
  • No jacketed ammo of any kind is allowed at Cowtown
  • .22 caliber lead, low velocity rimfire ammo may be used by Buckaroo shooters only
  • Please wear your membership badge when at Cowtown on non-match days
    • All members are issued a badge when annual dues are paid.
    • Security at Cowtown may ask to see your membership badge if you are on the range on a non-match day.
    • You may be asked to leave if you cannot show your membership badge. (Your SASS membership doesn’t count)
  • Eye protection is required at all times
  • Ear protection is required for minors and recommended for all
  • Lock the gate when you leave the range!

Shoot for the Skull

Compete to win a custom award with the Cowtown Skull.
1st through 3rd place

Cowboy shooters must compete in same category for at least 9 of 22 regular monthly matches.

Your top 9 finishes will count for the final tally

Non CCSA members will be excluded from the final tally
Current “Shoot for the Skull” Standings

Cowtown Wooden Coins

A Cowtown wooden coin is awarded to every shooter at each of our 22 regular (‘Shoot for the Skull’ eligible) Cowboy matches.

Everyone gets a Cowtown wooden coin (at least those who have actually shot the match and are present at the awards ceremony to receive it).

You may trade or barter these coins … use them as decoration or for any purpose you choose. If you accumulate ten of these coins they may be redeemed for a free match (a regular bi-monthly Cowboy match). If you don’t come up with enough coins to earn a free match this year … don’t worry … their value will roll over (as long as the program remains active).

  • You must be present at the awards ceremony (or make arrangements for someone to act on your behalf) to collect coins earned at each match.
  • When redeeming coins for a free match … no other discounts will apply (10 coins for one free match).
  • The big leather Cowtown nickels which are distributed for clean matches and (sometimes) other activities are still worth $5 off your match fee … nothing has changed in that regard (they also must be redeemed individually and may not be combined with any other discount).
  • Wild Bunch matches have a different pricing structure and coins obtained at those matches may only be redeemed for Wild Bunch matches.

Live Fire Practice/Testing on Match Days

On regular match days (when no “other” stages have been specifically designated as “practice” stages) we are asking everyone to please use the extreme west side of the range for any live fire practice or firearm testing (prior to the start of the match and afterwards until the awards ceremony is complete). Any other activity where live ammo is not being loaded or fired is exempt from this request.The “extreme west side of the range” is now the “Livery” (as the Emporium, Gun Shop and House of Joy stages are no longer available for use). We are not going to “draw a line” and realize there might be some overflow back towards the main range … but the intention is to keep live firing as far away as possible from working match stages and the main activity/registration area before the start of the match and afterwards until completion of the awards ceremony.This protects folks trying to register before the start of the match or in the shed trying to eat and converse afterwards as well as setup/teardown personnel.Again … this request is only for regular match days so don’t get your feelings hurt if you forget and someone asks you to move your “live fire” down to the end of the range (as is likely to happen to many of us). Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Setup and Work Parties: Setup and Work Party help is always welcome! Check the forum for the latest information and/or contact any advisory board member to volunteer.Setup “usually” occurs during the early AM … the day before a scheduled match.
This normally only takes a few hours (the range is closed for “live fire” practice  while setup is in progress).
Membership Badge: New memberships and renewals include a badge holder for your membership card.Please help us out by wearing your badge whenever you are on the range for practice or activities other than regularly scheduled matches.If you received your card in the mail and/or somehow managed not to receive a badge holder just let us know and we will make sure you get one.
Membership Benefits: Membership includes reduced match fees, “Shooting for the Skull” eligibility as well as range fees for practice (non-members are required to pay a $5 per day practice fee and have a member present). Special “Snow Bird” memberships are also available.

Membership Application
Membership Fee Prorate Guide
You must also have a current Registration/Waiver Form on file.
We are in the desert. Snakes and Scorpions are in the area.
Watch where you put your hands and feet!

If it ain't fun, it ain't worth doin'!