2019 Schedule & Match Results

Shoot for the Skull 20192019 Clean Matches


Sunday Jan 6 Cowboy   Category   Overall     Clean 

Saturday Jan 19 Cowboy     Category   Overall     Clean 

Sunday Jan 27 Wild Bunch               Category Overall


Sunday Feb 3 Cowboy         Category   Overall     Clean 

Saturday/Sunday Feb 9/10
Arizona Wild Bunch Championship
Category   Overall

Saturday/Sunday Feb 16/17 Fire & Ice
Category  Overall  Clean


Sunday Mar 3 Cowboy      Category   Overall     Clean 

Saturday Mar 16 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean 

Sunday Mar 24 Wild Bunch       Category Overall


Sunday Apr 7 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean 

Saturday Apr 20 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean 

Sunday Apr 28 Wild Bunch     Scores


Sunday May 5 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday May 18 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday May 26 Wild Bunch   Scores


Sunday Jun 2 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Canceled – Saturday Jun 15Have fun at End of Trail

Canceled – Sunday Jun 23 Wild BunchHave fun at End of Trail


Sunday Jul 7 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday Jul 20 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday Jul 28 Wild Bunch   Scores


Sunday Aug 4 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday Aug 17 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday Aug 25 Wild Bunch     Scores


Sunday Sep 1 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday Sep 21 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday Sep 22 Wild Bunch    Scores


Sunday Oct 6 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

!! Bordertown Warm-up !!
Two, One Day Cowboy Matches

(Oct 19th is scored for the Skull, the 20th is not)
Saturday Oct 19    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday Oct 20    Category   Overall     Clean

Canceled Sunday Oct 27 Wild Bunch Have Fun at Bordertown


Sunday Nov 3 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday Nov 16 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday Nov 24 Wild Bunch


Sunday Dec 1
Shootout in the Saguaros

Saturday Dec 21 Cowboy

Sunday Dec 22 Wild Bunch


If it ain't fun, it ain't worth doin'!