2019 Schedule & Match Results

Shoot for the Skull 20192019 Clean Matches


Sunday Jan 6 Cowboy   Category   Overall     Clean 

Saturday Jan 19 Cowboy     Category   Overall     Clean 

Sunday Jan 27 Wild Bunch               Category Overall


Sunday Feb 3 Cowboy         Category   Overall     Clean 

Saturday/Sunday Feb 9/10
Arizona Wild Bunch Championship
Category   Overall

Saturday/Sunday Feb 16/17 Fire & Ice
Category  Overall  Clean


Sunday Mar 3 Cowboy      Category   Overall     Clean 

Saturday Mar 16 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean 

Sunday Mar 24 Wild Bunch       Category Overall


Sunday Apr 7 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean 

Saturday Apr 20 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean 

Sunday Apr 28 Wild Bunch     Scores


Sunday May 5 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday May 18 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday May 26 Wild Bunch   Scores


Sunday Jun 2 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Canceled – Saturday Jun 15Have fun at End of Trail

Canceled – Sunday Jun 23 Wild BunchHave fun at End of Trail


Sunday Jul 7 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday Jul 20 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday Jul 28 Wild Bunch   Scores


Sunday Aug 4 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday Aug 17 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Sunday Aug 25 Wild Bunch     Scores


Sunday Sep 1 Cowboy    Category   Overall     Clean

Saturday Sep 21 Cowboy

Sunday Sep 22 Wild Bunch


Sunday Oct 6 Cowboy

!! Bordertown Warm-up !!
Two, One Day Cowboy Matches
Saturday Oct 19 & Sunday Oct 20
(Oct 19th is scored for the Skull, the 20th is not)

Canceled Sunday Oct 27 Wild Bunch Have Fun at Bordertown


Sunday Nov 3 Cowboy

Saturday Nov 16 Cowboy

Sunday Nov 24 Wild Bunch


Sunday Dec 1 Cowboy

Saturday Dec 21 Cowboy

Sunday Dec 22 Wild Bunch


If it ain't fun, it ain't worth doin'!