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    Due to the amount of spam and adult content being posted to the site, I have restricted access. New users will have to be approved. If you would like access to post notices etc. in the saloon, please email me your alias and what you would like your password to be. My email address is [email protected]. If I don’t know you, or can’t confirm with Barbwire or through SASS that you belong here, you won’t be granted access. I apologize for the inconvenience but I hope this will keep our site clean of unwanted content.

    Straight Shot Jane


    Is there a way to customize or change our passwords?


    email me [email protected] or send me a text message – 623-556-3876 of what you want it to be and I can reset it for you.



    Items for sale;
    Rugged Gear Gun Cart excellent condition $175.00.
    MEC 12gauge super sizer mdl 5577 $100.00.
    Lyman Electronic Trigger pull gauge $50.00

    Misc Gun Powder:
    (1) 9oz. container of TrailBoss $15.00.
    (2) 1 lb 800x $15.00.
    (3) 4 lb of Unique $20.00 each or buy all four $60.00
    (4) Approximately 5oz of Bullseye $5.00
    (5) Winchester AA hulls 12Ga (featherlight) once fired 200 for $20.00
    If interested contact [email protected]

    Thanks for looking;
    Jackrabbit Joe

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    In reference to the Above Gun Cart the price is $275.00

    Sorry about that

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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